About us

Ardol is a Dutch company, located at Susteren. Ardol is specialized in the development"of natural additives and complementary feed for pigs, poultry, goats, and cattle. Ardol focuses on the development of new, innovative products. These provide proven, value-added solutions.

Our approach

On the basis of in-depth research, several natural additives, complementary animal feeds, and feed supplements were developed in-house. The effect of these agents on the physiology and metabolism of animals has been studied. A great deal of practical research has also been carried out on the technical results and health of the animals on the livestock farms. With this knowledge, we can provide our customers with feed that is demonstrably effective and has a positive effect on the health of the animals and the job satisfaction of you and your employees.

100% Ardol

Ardol provides 100% of the expertise as well as taking care of the development of additives, animal feeds, and supplements. The studies, analyses, tests, and production take place in close cooperation with our partners.