Find out here everything you need to know about the fertility of your sows! The stakes are high because a good fertility is the heart of a financially healthy company. Pay the necessary attention to it!

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Seasonal infertility: the cause, the cost and can you prevent it from happening?

Still summer and already warning for the upcoming seasonal infertility?! A good understanding of what causes seasonal infertility or the so-called after-summer dip can help in preventing and limiting the negative consequences.

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An inseminator explains why he started to use Lianol!

Koos Wouters and Jan van Schadewijk are co-founders of Grote Laak Steinvoort BV, an artificial insemination company for sows and goats. “When we met each other in the late 90’s after a job in the same street, it came to a chat. Why not join forces, we asked ourselves? 

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How to stimulate those difficult sows to come into heat sooner.

Sows coming into heat too slowly or not at all are often the source of many frustrations in the breeding stable. A prolonged interval between weaning and first service has a negative influence on the farrowing rate.

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Prevent sows from being re-served due to seasonal infertility. Important tips!

Lately, seasonal infertility has kicked off again. It is a natural phenomenon occurring every fall. This state of reduced fertility is still imbedded in the genetic code of the modern pig. If you compare the results of any 3rd quarter to the rest of the annual figures, the consequences are clearly demonstrable.

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The latest results of Lianol Ferti

The latest results of Lianol Ferti in the Netherlands revealed. Discover for yourself how Ferti can contribute to your farm.

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