Piglet Survivability

Discover here everything you need to know about piglet survivability! Whether you look at it emotionally or rationally, the interests are great. Pay the necessary attention to it!

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A higher birthweight due to preventive actions!

The majority of pig breeders knows the yearly production cycle. A productive first half of the year turning into a period with possible heat stress followed by seasonal infertility in September to end with less viable piglets in October and November.

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Higher profit can be found in the farrowing pen!

With piglet prices on a high again, weaning as many piglets as possible is extra profitable. Therefore, pre-weaning mortality is and will always be a delicate subject.

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Weaning piglets more easily? Their IGF-1 level appears to be important!

The therapeutic use of zinc oxide for weaned piglets has been strictly restricted in The Netherlands since 2018. By June 2022 at the latest, this too will be the case in all other EU Member States. The argumentation is its abundant use giving rise to significant environmental pollution.

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Like this you support the less active and smaller piglets!

At the end of summer and in the fall the annual phenomenon of producing smaller litters is a recurring problem. Sows have been eating less during their gestation due to higher summer temperatures. They will produce smaller litters and less viable piglets.

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