Heat Stress

Discover here everything you need to know about the effect of heat stress on your sows and piglets! The influences are great, so pay attention to it!

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The cost of heat stress for a pigfarm!

Heat stress has a major effect on the technical results of a farm. This applies to slaughter pigs as for sows and their piglets. The financial results suffer equally. The annual damage for the complete pork industry in the US alone is estimated at a whopping 300 million Dollar.   

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Heat stress, a seasonal or a daily problem?

Every outside temperature, exceeding the thermo neutral zone of the sow (16 - 22°C), causes heat stress. The definition of heat stress is the shift of nutrients destined for the production of milk, meat or reproduction towards the conservation of a constant body temperature.

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What is the seasonal effect on my technical results?

"Is there a seasonal effect on my technical results?" “How big is it?” "Can I fix it?" Questions that an entrepreneur has to ask him/herself. We have collected the technical data of the best performing farms in Belgium and the Netherlands in order to analyze the seasonal effect.

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15 Practical tips to prevent heat stress!

 Some tips & tricks originating from a veterinarian to avoid heat stress. 

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How does Lianol® works during heat stress?

Lianol® is an active metabolite, derived from a natural and patented fermentation process. During the binding of Lianol® to the body, Lianol® supports the immune system...

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Heat stress: attacking the well-being of every pig

Recent American research* has investigated the far-reaching consequences of heat stress in pigs. The economic consequences of heat stress are estimated at billions of dollars in losses in global livestock farming and the cost for the American pig industry alone is a staggering 300 million dollars a year.

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Sows subjected to heatstress produce low quality piglets!

It is well known that warm summers cause heat stress in pigs. However, assessing the future consequences appears to be much more difficult. Some of the problems only surface when the summer has already long been forgotten.

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