15 Practical tips to prevent heat stress!

Publicatiedatum: 30-06-2020

 Some tips & tricks originating from a veterinarian to avoid heat stress. 

General advice

  • Limit the population density if possible.
  • Keep the drinking water cool (10°C is ideal).
  • Unlimited access to water – Check the water pressure.
  • Avoid direct sunlight on the animals by blocking or whitening the windows. 
  • Install cooling systems and check their functioning regularly
  • Don’t disturb the animals during the hottest period of the day. No ultrasound, vaccination, transferring,
  • Maximize ventilation. Create extra flow of air, check the inlets, …
  • Administer vitamin C, vitamin E, electrolytes to the water. *
  • Avoid feeding during the hottest period of the day.
  • Reduce the feeding curve by 5-10%.
  • Give extra support to your sows with Lianol® Ferti. Ferti stimulates the conservation of the body condition and the fertility when the sow suffers from higher temperatures.

* There is proof of vitamin C having a roll in the modulation of stress. Clear evidence is missing due to the lack of research.

Specific tips heat stress

  • Consider the synchronization of farrowing by means of prostaglandin.
  • Farrowing can be delayed due to the heat. Stimulate it by giving long action oxytocin.
  • Shut down heat lamps of floor heating ASAP.

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Discover everything about heat stress here!

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