A higher birthweight due to preventive actions!

Publicatiedatum: 08-10-2020

The majority of pig breeders knows the yearly production cycle. A productive first half of the year turning into a period with possible heat stress followed by seasonal infertility in September to end with less viable piglets in October and November.


Breaking this cycle completely is impossible due to the fact that some of the causes are deeply wired into the genetic code of the pig. Although, with extra care and preventive support in summertime, the consequences can be limited. Research shows that sows inseminated during summer, give birth to 10% more underweight piglets (<1100 g) compared with sows that are inseminated a few months earlier or later. Also, the litter weight at birth of these sows weighs in at 1 kg less.

The consequences of ending up with more underweight piglets is clear. They ask for more labor and produce inferior results (less viability, worsened growth, etc.) So better safe than sorry.

How to increase the birth weight of piglets during gestation

In general, the most effective actions to take are applied around insemination but it is also possible to act during the later stages of gestation.

  • Limiting the feed intake in overweight sows at the end of gestation has a negative effect on the birth weight.
  • Avoid birth induction, premature birth can cost up to 40-50 g of birth weight
  • Pay attention in the last trimester of gestation to a good ratio of different amino acids for optimal fetus development
  • Add omega-3 fatty acids (fish oil, linseed oil)
  • Add arginine from day 70 to 110 of gestation. It partly regulates blood flow in the placenta.
  • Feed the right amount of minerals and vitamins. Folic acid, vitamin A, iron, zinc and magnesium play a vital role in fetal development.
  • Lianol® 8 days before farrowing significantly increases birth weight by 60 g.


In this trial Lianol® didn’t only raise the birth weight but sows also produced more colostrum. The piglets’ voluntarily intake of colostrum increased and it resulted in a higher weaning weight.

Most of your fertility specialists and veterinarians have the Lianol® product range in stock and can advise you. For extra information, you can contact ARDOL at info@ardol.nl

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