Weaning piglets more easily? Their IGF-1 level appears to be important!

Publicatiedatum: 22-11-2019

The therapeutic use of zinc oxide for weaned piglets has been strictly restricted in The Netherlands since 2018. By June 2022 at the latest, this too will be the case in all other EU Member States. The argumentation is its abundant use giving rise to significant environmental pollution.

The positive effect of zinc oxide arose from a combination of factors. Its use caused harmful bacteria to attach less to the wall of the intestine. The permeability of the intestine decreased (the intestine "leaked" less). This greatly reduced the migration of bacteria in between the cells of the intestine into the bloodstream. Zinc oxide also had a positive effect on anti-inflammatory agents in the gut. This resulted in a balanced and controlled environment for the gutflora and it stimulated the growth of the intestinal villi.

However, zinc oxide also gave an increase of the growth factor IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor). IGF-1 is a body’s own growth factor being produced by numerous organs, including the liver, and is constantly released into the bloodstream. IGF-1 has a constructive and recovering function on most body cells. With more IGF-1 present, the damage to the inside lining of the intestine (mucosa) will be restored faster. This damage originates from piglets refusing to eat due to a changing diet around weaning.

Worldwide proof in scientific publications and trials have demonstrated that Lianol positively influences the IGF-1 level in animals. Lianol leads to a better growth of the intestinal villi. The systematic use of Lianol in the farrowing pen and around weaning ensures a reduction in mortality by 1 to 3%.

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Recently the research of world's largest feed producer confirms the importance of having an optimal IGF-1 status. It is proven to be essential to maintain a good fertility. It may be clear from the story mentioned above that this body's own growth factor is extremely important for a good fertility and a healthy weaning period.

Do you want to know more about the Lianol products? Contact info@ardol.nl or ask your veterinarian.


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