With Lianol® Colostro I reduce the pre-weaning mortality down to 8.5%

Stijn Lenaerts

With a number of piglets born alive between 13.5 and 14, pre-weaning mortality was rather high. It was veterinarian Jos Schillebeeckx who recommended Lianol Colostro to Stijn. Jos recommends Lianol® Colostro to many highly productive farmers in order to reduce pre-weaning mortality.

“The unique difference with other products like Lianol® Colostro is that you are not only administering energy.  You are activating and boosting the piglets’ own metabolism and IGF-1 content too. The piglets become more active and they absorb more colostrum. You notice that they stay vivid during the rest of their life cycle. Clearly there is less pre-weaning mortality and the piglets are heavier around weaning” Jos explains.

At birth, Stijn treats all his piglets weighing less than 1.2 kg. Stijn: “With Lianol® Colostro I notice that those little piglets are becoming more active and they clearly have been given an extra push. They absorb the sows’ colostrum more easily. Ultimately, this results in a lower pre-weaning mortality.” Stijn has been able to reduce his pre-weaning mortality to 8.5% since he uses Lianol Colostro. Together with Jos, Stijn is looking how to reduce it even further.

Farm profile

Location Belgium

Sows                               400

Genetics                         Topigs 20 x Piétrain

Production number       30

Weaning age (days)     21

Litters per year              2,41

Born alive                       14,1

Weaned                         12,9

Pre-weaning mortality 8,5%

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