With Lianol® Ferti everything runs smoothly

Wim Pluk

Wim Pluk's farm is located in Boekel (The Netherlands). With 1,600 sows and 15,000 finishers, it is one of the larger farms in the region. Since Wim Pluk uses Lianol® Ferti, he managed to improve his results even further. “With Lianol® Ferti, I easily tackle the most difficult breeding group of sows within my farm. As a result, I obtain better results and I generate labor savings. This is most satisfactory to me ”

“At a farm like ours, general health and continuity are the most important part of daily operations.” That is why Wim applies a strict schedule for introducing his breeding gilts. “We work with an alternating one-week management system. Therefore, it is most important that gilts and sows come into heat at the right time. This is important in order to respect the weaning age of the piglets. For long, I have been looking for a means that could tackle this challenge. Until my veterinarian introduced Lianol® Ferti to me."

When we stop the synchronization of the gilts with Regumate®, they receive a Lianol® Ferti tablet for two consecutive days. In the past we always ended-up with uneven litters. The gilts came into heat difficultly, heat detection was hard and sometimes we were forced to serve them “blindly”. This negatively affected our gestation rate," says Wim. “Now I also treat my first parity sows with Lianol® Ferti. During the last four days in the farrowing pen, they receive two tablets a day. This application differs from what is advised, but everything works very well for me."

Thanks to Lianol® Ferti, Wim boosted his litters per sow per year index (LSY). “The farrowing rate is now +92%. More piglets are being born and the number of piglets weaned per litter has increased by almost half a piglet. We are now well above thirteen piglets weaned per litter, with a litters per year index of 2.42. ”

Wim emphasizes that the improved technical results are just part of the story. “The fact of having an empty breeding stable every week and the fact of having almost no sows that need to be re-served, means enormous labor savings. With Lianol® Ferti I easily tackle the most difficult group of sows within the farm. This gives me peace of mind."

“I will never stop using Lianol because I am not risking these results.” - Wim Pluk

Farm profile

Location Boekel

Sows:                            1600

Production number:         31-32 piglets

litter per year index:           2.42

weaned                          + 13

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