With Lianol® we save up to 70% of the smaller piglets

Mrs. Francken

Farm De Wit located in Venlo has around 750 sows. Mr. and Mrs. Francken, who run the company, achieve excellent results with Lianol® Colostro and Lianol® Ferti.

"We have been working with Lianol® Colostro for a while now," says Mrs. Francken, "It is just going great. We treat all our piglets with a birth weight below 1 kg. Doing so, we manage to save 60% and sometimes 70% of all the small and weaker piglets. Piglets that otherwise wouldn’t have made it. It revitalizes them very well and I am using Colostro all the time”

Lianol® Colostro works significantly better than the energy supplier we used before. "It's always nice to see how those piglets revive really quickly," says Mrs. Francken. “Off course I prefer of not having those smaller piglets at all, but producing larger litters means there is no way of escaping this phenomenon." she continues.

In combination with Lianol® Colostro, this farm uses Lianol® Ferti. The results are particularly well. Mrs. Francken: "We are giving Ferti tablets during the last 3 days in the farrowing stable and continue the treatment until the 3rd day in the breeding stable. We have been doing this for over a year now and are very satisfied with the results. The sows are coming into heat really well and the number of piglets being born is more than before.”

Mrs. Francken has over 16 years of experience and mainly manages the farrowing stable. The farm works with Topigs 20 sows and a PIC 408 G bear in a one - week management system. When the piglets reach a weight of 25 kg, they are transferred to another location.

With Lianol® Colostro I save at least 60 and even up to 70% of the small and weaker piglets who otherwise wouldn’t have made it. - Mrs. Francken"

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