About us

Who we are.

Ardol bv is a fast-growing company with activities all over the world. We work in close cooperation with our partners. Ardol focuses on the development, production and marketing of new, innovative animal health products. These provide proven, value-added solutions.

Ardol is a privatly owned Dutch company and has its offices in Susteren, the Netherlands. It is proud of and sees carefully to its outstanding reputation.

What we do.

Ardol is a manufacturer of pharmaceutical raw materials, additives and feed supplements for the agricultural sector. Ardol is specialized in the development of natural additives and complementary feed for pigs, poultry and ruminants.

100% Ardol - All our expertise is 100% Ardol’s. This applies to the development of our additives, animal feeds, and supplements. The research, analyses, trials and production take place in close cooperation with our partners."

Our vision.

Ardol's expertise consists of developing close and long-term partnerships with our customers. Those are the feed industry as well as veterinarians and agricultural end-users.

We do this by supplying products with added value and by focusing on the needs and demands of our individual customers. We are able to do this with the help of the extensive knowledge and experience of our employees.

Our mission.

We work hard to establish the added value of LIANOL on the national and international markets. ARDOL BV and its partners are convinced they can make the sector more sustainable with the help of LIANOL, both in the short and long term.

In the short term, we wish to further support the existing national and international approach of reducing pre-weaning mortality. A reduced loss of piglets will lead to a reduced culling of sows. Piglet mortality has become a major selection criterion for the culling of sows. It will allow for the same number of piglets to be produced with fewer sows. The sustainability of the animals and the sector in general will increase. In the long term this will help in making the sector more profitable and in restoring consumer confidence in the end-product.

Our biggest motivation, in addition to creating national and international brand awareness, is to convince the sector of our mission described above. The idea that a proper preparation for weaning starts at the moment of birth should be generally accepted. The period from being conceived (insemination) up to 14 days after weaning is the determining and most important period in the life cycle of a pig. If a pig is supported in the right way during this period then you will always end up with a profitable piglet.

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