Lianol colostro

Newborn piglets need energy and immunity for survival and growth. Colostrum perfectly meets these needs. However, ever larger litter size is increasingly leading to some piglets suffering from insufficient colostrum uptake. This seriously jeopardizes their chances of survival.

Lianol colostro - administered directly after birth - gives piglets an energy boost and extra immunity. This has an immediate positive impact on the survival chances of piglets, their health, and the growth of these young animals.


Lianol colostro directly after birth results in:

  • energetic, more active piglets
  • increased immunity
  • reduced mortality
  • better gut development
  • better growth


Lianol colostro is available as a drench.

  • 1x 2 ml per piglet, directly after birth.

Experience users

'Lianol Colostro is the only product that helps me help tiny piglets survive. It means I keep more piglets alive, and I am able to wean more piglets.'

Research studies

> Improved immunity
> Lower mortality

Download the studies here

More energy and extra
immunity right after birth

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