Lianol 2wean

Weaning is the most critical moment for any piglet. Inadequate feed intake shortly after weaning is the main cause of gut damage. This can lead to disorders of the digestive system and other health problems.

Lianol 2wean is a concentrate/top dressing. It promotes digestion, strengthens the immune system, and makes energy management more efficient. By providing it to the piglets in the farrowing pen from eight days of age until ten days after weaning, it contributes to smooth digestion, balanced intestinal flora, and good growth.

This makes Lianol 2wean a logical final step in the preparation for weaning and further rearing. Together with Lianol basdiar, it results in robust, uniform, well-growing piglets and fatteners.


Lianol 2wean around weaning results in:

  • a more stable intestinal flora
  • less stress after weaning
  • better growth throughout the entire
  • fattening phase
  • uniform litters
  • a better return


Lianol 2wean is available as top dressing and concentrate (2%).

Research studies

> Improved immunity
> Lower mortality

Download the studies here

Healthy gut around weaning

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