Lianol vital

Lianol vital boosts the sow’s IGF-1 levels during the often difficult period around farrowing. This has a direct impact on the exchange of nutrients between sow and piglet via the placenta. The improved energy supply to the piglets in the womb boosts piglet vitality. The smallest piglets, in particular,  benefit most from this.


Lianol vital around farrowing ensures:

  • a smooth farrowing process
  • more vital piglets that start suckling sooner
  • a better start of lactation
  • heavier piglets and more uniform litters


Lianol vital is available as a bolus.
Period of use:

  • From 5 days before to 1 day after farrowing

Research studies

> More vital piglets
> More weaned piglets
> Higher birth weight

Download the studies here

Smooth birth of vital,
heavier piglets

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