Lianol basdiar

Lianol Basdiar is a catalyst that ensures an optimal digestion and provides preventive gut-protection. As a result, it improves the survivability of newborn piglets. Lianol Basdiar not only facilitates a more efficient digestion, but also contributes to a healthy and swift gut development. Due to its high iron and mineral content, Lianol Basdiar is an optimal supplementation to the low on iron colostrum and sows’ milk. 

From the day of birth, Basdiar is given as a supplementation to colostrum and milk or simultaneously with artificial milk and pre-starter feed. By actively stimulating the natural rooting behavior, each piglet learns how to drink water quickly and how to consume a plant-based diet through a feeding bowl. A greater feed intake in the first weeks of life and a good successive growth post-weaning are some more advantages of this innovative product.



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