More, healthier and heavier piglets

Lianol is a natural product that promotes the metabolism of the liver. Like this, extra body-specific IGF-1 can be produced. This IGF-1 deficiency occurs during infections, arond farrowing and with a reduced overall condition. IGF-1 has a positive effect on fertility, the farrowing process, lactation and the animals’ resistance. In addition, IGF-1 stimulates gut health, growth, and feed utilisation in sows and piglets.

Lianol 5 step Pig Concept

Over the past ten years Ardol has developed the ‘Lianol 5 step Pig Concept’. It is a scientifically proven concept of 5 individual natural products. It has been developed for sows and piglets and supports them at crucial moments during their life; at birth over weaning until the finishing phase.

How does Lianol provide support?

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