More, healthier and heavier piglets around weaning

Lianol is an active metabolite, originating from a natural fermentation process. Up on binding of Lianol to the body, it supports the immune system and promotes the production of a body's own growth factor (IGF-1). Official scientific research and trials have confirmed this assertion multiple times. As the name “growth factor” states, IGF-1 is indispensable for multiple processes of growth and development occurring in the body.

During periods of stress, a deficiency of this growth factor takes place. Stress can show itself as heat-stress, a chronic infection, inflammations and during times of a deteriorated body condition. This growth factor (IGF-1) and therefore Lianol, has a direct and positive effect on fertility, the birth process and the milk yield of the sow. It also supports the immune system, intestinal health, growth and feed conversion in piglets.

Lianol 5 Step Pig Concept

Over the past decade, Ardol has developed the “5 Step Pig Concept”. It is a scientifically proven concept of 5 individual and natural products. It has been developed for sows and piglets. It supports them at crucial periods during their life cycle; at birth over weaning until the fattening phase.

How does Lianol provide support?

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