How does Lianol® work during heat stress?

Lianol® is an active metabolite, derived from a natural and patented fermentation process. During the binding of Lianol® to the body, Lianol® supports the immune system and promotes the production of the body's own growth factor IGF-1 (Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1).

Heat stress causes a hormonal shift in the animal. The insulin concentration increases, but fat and muscle cells become insensitive to insulin. This while the cells of the immune system just start to use more. (Increased intestinal permeability requires strong activation of the immune system, but this costs energy.) Heat stress also reduces the body's own growth factor IGF-1. This is on the one hand due to a decoupling of the GH (Growth Hormone) / IGF-1 axis and on the other hand due to a reduced feed intake. Less IGF-1 leads to decreased follicle growth and decreased fertility. The well-known NEB (Negative Energy Balance) around weaning is due to heat stress even more accentuated.

Research shows that Lianol® compensates for the NEB and causes an increase in IGF-1 through several possible hypotheses. These all result in an activation of the transcription of the IGF-1 gene with the net result of a better fertility.


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