I wean 0.6 piglets more per litter without any loss of quality since I am using Lianol® Ferti

Gerben Ormel

Mr. Ormel was approached by his veterinarian to see if he was willing to participate in a trial with Lianol® Ferti.

In the group of the treated sows, the number of weaned piglets per sow increased from 12.5 to 13.1 with a pre-weaning mortality below 10%. During the analysis of the trial, treatment was paused and promptly the number of weaned piglets per sow dropped back to 12.5. "It seemed that some kind of brake was reapplied on my sows," Gerben laconically remarks.

Gerben continued with Lianol® Ferti around weaning and introduced it in his daily management. Now he weans approximately 31.8 high-quality piglets per sow per year. When we ask Gerben why someone should use Lianol® Ferti, he answers: “I wean 0.6 piglets more per litter without any loss of quality since I’m using Ferti. That’s more than enough reason to me!  Lianol just allows your sows to produce in the best way possible”

Farm profile

Location the Netherlands

Sows                                 350

Genetics                          Topigs 50

Production number           31.8

Weaning age (days)      ± 21

Litters per year index          2.43

Born alive                           14,5

Weaned                              13,1

Pre-weaning mortality   ± 10%

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