Increased fertility is possible!

Publicatiedatum: 04-06-2021

More than ever did advise veterinarians and AI specialist Lianol® Ferti to sow farmers in 2020. The main goal was maximizing fertility on a farm.


Ardol is convinced that it can support sows around weaning in a specific and innovative way. This will make the estrus more intense and visible, artificial insemination easier and the odds for a successful gestation greater.

The effect of Ferti®

However, fertility on a pig farm is a complex and difficult matter. Both advisors and sow farmers alike were curious for a clear analysis of the “Lianol Ferti” effect they noticed. They were willing to share their farm data for this. Finally, this data may or may not clarify the true added value of Ferti®.

The results

The annual performance of almost 3000 Dutch sows on 5 individual farms ,that received Lianol® in 2020, were compared with the production results of the previous year. The following differences emerged from this analysis.

Higher farrowing rate with Ferti

All important technical parameters do improve and the farrowing rate in particular stands out (+3%). The improvement in results appears to apply to each individual company. Sows come into estrus earlier, need to be inseminated less and produce more piglets. All claims Ardol makes about Lianol® Ferti are therefore confirmed with this data.

More revenue with Ferti

These results also demonstrate the economic value of Lianol® Ferti. According to Wageningen University, 1 percentage of increased farrowing rate results in an additional yield of € 16.5 per sow per year. An annual investment of €9 per sow yielding €50 per sow per year clearly shows the increase in productivity and efficiency with Ferti.

Lianol also works in the summer

Deeper analysis shows that the Lianol effect was even greater during the warm summer months. The extra piglets obtained from this period due to the higher farrowing percentage ultimately will enjoy a high piglet price in February and March.

There is no such thing as a miracle product, but with correct farm management and the correct use of Lianol Ferti®, the pig farmer can certainly achieve a lot.”

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