Like this you support the less active and smaller piglets!

Publicatiedatum: 11-09-2019

At the end of summer and in the fall the annual phenomenon of producing smaller litters is a recurring problem. Sows have been eating less during their gestation due to higher summer temperatures. They will produce smaller litters and less viable piglets.

Seasonal infertility reinforces the problem of dealing with smaller piglets. It can be obvious that this topic deserves the necessary attention. Paying extra attention to these piglets is essential to prevent pre-weaning mortality from rising. These small piglets simply require more care than their larger siblings. On the other hand, a low birth weight of piglets shouldn’t be discouraging because vitality at birth proofed to be the determining factor for survival*

Measures to take:

  • Prevent excessive temperature loss by drying of smaller piglets.
  • Make sure that each piglet receives as much colostrum as possible immediately after birth (by assisted sucking or split-suckling).
  • Help the smallest piglets to the udder and help them to drink. Match the size of the nipple to the size of the piglet.
  • Create a pleasant, draft-free microclimate in the piglets’ nest by, among other things, heat lamps and covers (32-35 C°).
  • Give weak / small piglets extra energy immediately after birth.

The solution:

LIANOL Colostro has been proven to reduce pre-weaning mortality with up to 3%. It is a unique energy supplier with an important extra punch for newborn small piglets.

Lianol Colostro distinguishes itself from other products by increasing the growth factor (IGF-1) of the piglet. The amount of IGF-1 present in the body at this age is directly responsible for how quickly newborn piglets will grow and how quickly their organs will develop.

With Lianol the piglets become more active, go to the udder faster and have more energy to suckle. Lianol Colostro is not a substitute for sows’ colostrum but it stimulates its absorption and thus the immunity of these smaller piglets.

It is equally important to always have water and Basdiar in the farrowing pen to teach the piglets how to drink. It keeps the piglets hydrated. (See article: "Teach piglets as soon as possible after birth how to drink water") Basdiar acts like a catalyst for the digestion of milk and feed.

Discover for yourself what Lianol can contribute to your farm. For further information or orders, contact your veterinarian or Ardol:

Do you want to know more about managing your sows and piglets around birth? Ardol is happy to give you comprehensive advice about farrowing stable management.

* As an extra incentive: Wageningen University has calculated that every 1% lowered mortality in the farrowing stable yields € 9.31 more per sow present on the farm.

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